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Introducing Acumine, Your Opportunity to Build Intelligence™

Hi there, thanks for visiting our website and checking out our new company name and brand; Acumine .

For anyone who’s interested I thought I’d take the opportunity to explain the reason for our name change and give some insight into our new brand and what Acumine means to us.

Why the change of name?

We’ve been trading now for 21 months, formerly as Buildata Ltd, and things have gone very well with customers reacting well to our offerings. Starting initially as an independent consultant, things ramped up pretty quickly and this led to our first 2 employee hires, followed by the senior appointment of Alistair O’Reilly as a director in April ’21. We now offer our clients a great balance of strategic consultancy, programme and project management, as well as our technical development offerings.

This was one of the first reasons we decided to review the company name. Buildata did exactly what it said on the tin – We built data solutions for our clients and the word ‘build’ was a nod to the construction industry. But over the last year our services have expanded, and tier 1 contractors even began coming to us for help with things like developing MMC strategies. Whilst we knew we needed to invest more in our brand, we felt the need for a name change to reflect our wider potential and ambition to grow.

How did we decide on the name Acumine?

We took some time to brainstorm and review different name options, paying particular attention to the ability to secure a brandable name which could be registered as a trademark. We settled unanimously on the name ‘Acumine’ which is Latin and relates to:

/ Acuteness / Wisdom / Prudence / Knowledge / Foresight

We thought that fitted well with our purpose to help customers gain more knowledge and wisdom from their business data, therefore giving them greater foresight in relation to decision making and help them avoid unnecessary risks.

Acuteness – “The quality of being very good, accurate, and showing an ability to notice very small differences”

Cambridge Dictionary

This fits well with both our business and the solutions we implement.

“Build Intelligence” – The slogan

Our slogan keeps the word ‘Build’ as a description of what we do (Build capability and solutions) and is also a nod to our former name and the industry we operate in.

We felt the word intelligence was better than data, since data without context and proper interpretation is useless. So that’s what we help clients do – Build Intelligence through the transformation of data and the development of efficient business processes.

So there you have it, a brief introduction to Acumine and why we re-branded.

Thanks again for taking an interest, we hope you like what we’ve done and for more information about what Acumine can offer please get in touch.

You can leave any comments or feedback on the accompanying LinkedIn Post.

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