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Are you equipped to exploit the value in your data? /

95% of all data captured in the construction industry goes unused. Acumine can help you tap into this valuable resource.

Why Build Intelligence™ ? /

Good data integrity and management empowers businesses to make fast, informed decisions based on trusted data. Quality data forms the basis for sound strategic decision making in relation to these critical business challenges.

By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention data as a critical factor /

Data is the core driver of efficient operations, adherence to regulatory governance and central to the delivery of superior customer experiences. Inaccurate, missing or incomplete data has a hugely detrimental effect on business performance and can no longer be tolerated.

So, your data strategy is more critical than ever before, are you equipped to plan your data future?

Are these challenges on your agenda?

/  Setting strategy based on trusted data insights

/  Risk management

/  Productivity and profitability

/  Managing repetitional risks

/  Governance and business control

/  Fast access to information

/  Monitoring & control of projects

Why Acumine? /

We Understand the Construction Data Challenge

The emergence of new technology and software over the last decade has presented a lot of opportunity and value at the project level. However this has led to huge proliferation in the storage of, and quality of data, with multiple different approaches taken across a single organisation. Acumine help construction businesses tackle this problem by bringing data together and placing equal focus on people, process and technology.

why acumine?

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