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Acumine take on Croagh Patrick: 2 Year Celebration

After a whirlwind start to 2022, we at Acumine decided to bring the team together for some fun and fitness in our very first Team Building event of the year to coincide with our two-year anniversary. It has been a busy year so far, with the addition of 3 valuable new members to our team and a growing list of data-driven projects keeping us on our toes. What better way to bond than to visit County Mayo and scale the heady heights of Croagh Patrick – a place of religious and architectural significance in Ireland.

When we weren’t scrambling over rugged terrain and stopping to admire the stunning views over County Mayo, we enjoyed the comforts of home at the Sandy Bay House. Our lovely host Maura provided us with warm comfy rooms, spotless facilities, a roaring fireplace, and a hearty Irish breakfast to kick-start the day.

After settling into our new accommodations and sampling the local cuisine on our first day, the time had arrived to conquer the mountain on a beautiful frosty morning!

As ever, the team was rearing to go with bags packed full of supplies and sporting our brand new Acumine fleeces.

We got going at mid-morning and reached the summit by midday after battling loose stones and traversing the steep incline of the mountainside.
The climb was a worthy challenge at a staggering 764m  with views of lush farmlands and the Atlantic Ocean.

Though there were a few slips, trips, sore legs and challenges to the collective fitness of all who participated, it was great to see everyone pull together and encourage each other to the top! It was a fantastic achievement to reach the top of Croagh Patrick as a team, seconded only by the breath-taking views that greeted us as we sat back, and peered out from the summit.

This challenge has highlighted that no matter what may arise in 2022 for Acumine, we can rely on our pool of talent, expertise and each other so that we can meet those challenges head-on, not as individuals but as a team!

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