Acumine Products

Acumine has a broad range of products designed for the safety, and the productivity improvement.

Safety Products

Acumine Collision Avoidance Safety System (ACASS)

The ACASS provides proximity detection capabilities between Haul Trucks, Light Vehicles and Personnel. It provides the operator with complete situation awareness and operates under all weather conditions. In includes the patent pending Acumine Context Switching tecnlogy to make the system adapt its operation to the different areas of the mine eliminating false alarms.

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AcuMine's Haul Truck Alignment Monitoring and Operator Warning System (patent pending) was developed in conjunction with industry to proactively improve the safety of operators and to prevent damage to capital intensive assets by issuing operators with early warnings of hazards.

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Mining Safety Design

Our expertise working with products for safety for the mining industry would be applied to take actions that reduce accidents rates and develop measures that really improve the safety.

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Fleet Monitoring Systems

Haulcheck and the PS systems include the basic hardware and software infrastructure required to provide fleet monitoring capabilites.This system provides information about haul truck utilization without any additional communication infrastructure.

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Resources and Personal tracking

The PS provide the basic structure to develop a complete tracking solution. This means that all the agents of a mine could be tracked: big machines, light vehicles and personnel.

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MMW Radar


OreCheckTM provides real-time feedback on the level of ore in a pass, with reliability and accuracy surpassing all other instruments on the market. OreCheckTM operates continuously, even as rock is fed into the pass, unlike methods which rely on contact with the ore.

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2D High Speed Scanner

Radar to scan in 2D fashion.

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3D High Speed Scanner

Radar to scan in 3D fashion.

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