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AcuMine was established to commercialise innovative products developed for the global Mining Technology and Services sector.

Acumine's mission is to improve the operational performance and safety of the high capital intensive assets used in mining.

The company was established by The University of Sydney, CRC Mining and Researchers from Sydney University's Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR).

AcuMine's Product Range are in the area of Safety, Productivity, Milimeter Wave Radar Sensing and Automation. Some of the product persented in this site include a Haul Truck Monitoring and Guidance System HaulcheckTM, a high Integrity Collision Avoidance System, Fleet Monitoring and People Tracking Systems and a variety of MMWR sensors for harsh mining environments.

These solutions are based on leading-edge research conducted over several years by ACFR researchers. The state-of-the-art sensors technologies were developed in consultation with the mining industry, through CRCMining's strong industry liaison network.

Tested and proven in the harsh mining environment, AcuMine's products are robust and reliable.

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